AEGIS Europe co-chairing Business20 Task Force meeting at OECD

180528 B20 TITF at OECD.jpeg

Paris, 28 May 2018 - Business20 (B20) is the private sector´s voice of the G20 community. 2018 B20 Argentina has proposed eight task forces; each will draft thematic papers with policy proposals for submission to the G20. 

Inès Van Lierde, Chair of AEGIS Europe, has been asked by the B20 Chair Daniel Funes de Rioja to become Co-Chair of the B20 Trade & Investment task force. 

The last meeting of the Trade & Investment task force took place on 28 May at OECD in Paris.

In the picture, you can see Inès Van Lierde with Paolo Rocca (right), CEO of the Techint Group and Chair of the B20 Trade & Investment task force, and Fernando Landa (left), B20 Policy Sherpa.