EBMA PRESS RELEASE: European Bicycle Manufacturers Association applauds EU Registration of dumped e-bikes from China


Brussels, 3 May 2018 - Moreno Fioravanti, Secretary General of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) said: “The EBMA applauds today’s European Commission decision to order the registration of all imported e-bikes from China, a first vital step for the legitimate defence of 90,000 EU workers and over 800 SMEs against unfair competition. This means that provisional EU anti-dumping measures may be imposed on Chinese e-bikes imports with effect prior to 20 July 2018 and as early as tomorrow.

Today’s decision by the European Union should send a clear signal to Chinese e-bike companies to stop their dumping in the EU, and to the Chinese Government to stop its massive subsidy programs, such as "Made in China 2025", which are unfairly favouring Chinese e-bike exporters. European importers should also wake up to the concealed costs of Chinese e-bikes and the injury they are causing to European industry, EU employment and the environment. European e-bikes are the right green choice for European consumers.”

See the full press release here.

Official Journal of the European Union, Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/671 of 2 May 2018 making imports of electric bicycles originating in the People's Republic of China subject to registration