EP debate - China's MES: is winter coming for European industries?

12 January 2016 / On the eve of the College of Commissioners' 'orientation debate' on the market economy status (MES) of China, several MEPs hosted a crucial debate in the European Parliament in Brussels. MEPs David Borrelli, Edouard Martin and Emmanuel Maurel co-hosted the event consisting of two panels.

Speakers agreed that a decision on China's MES is not automatic. Moreover, granting MES while China does not play by the same rules, thus removing the EU's ability to use the anti-dumping tool, puts EU jobs at serious risk.

Watch the full debate in English and Italian here. Read the full official conference report here. Presentations and several Tweets are linked below. For all Tweets on the event, follow AEGIS Europe.

Panel 1 - Should China be granted MES? The myth of automatism, the danger of a unilateral decision

  • Gabriel Gresillon - Journalist, Les Echos | Tweet
  • Salvatore Cicu - MEP, INTA Committee | Tweet
  • Bernard O'Connor - Lawyer, NCTM | Presentation
  • Emmanuel Maurel - MEP, INTA Committee | Tweet

Panel 2 - What if China was granted MES? Predicted negative consequences for EU industries

  • Edouard Martin - MEP, ITRE Committee | Tweet
  • Guido Nelissen - Trade Unionist, IndustriAll | Presentation
  • David Borrelli - MEP, INTA & ITRE Committees | Tweet | Press article
  • Claude Turmes - MEP, ITRE Committee | Tweet
  • Renaud Batier - Cerame-Unie/AEGIS Europe | Presentation