EPP Group hearing on Market Economy Status of China

2 March 2016 / On 2 March the EPP Group organised a discussion in the European Parliament in Brussels with EPP MEPs from both the INTA and ITRE Committees and stakeholder representatives on the possibility and consequences of granting China Market Economy Status (MES).

The discussion revolved mainly on the legal, political and economic consequences of the expiry of China’s protocol of accession to the WTO, and whether this implies an automatic market economy status for China in December 2016. Panel debates provided 1) general context on the topic as well as 2) stakeholders' views, including those of AEGIS Europe members. The full programme is visible below and on the EPP Group website.

14:30 Introductory remarks

  • Jerzy BUZEK, Chairman of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee of the European Parliament (EP)

14:40 Granting MES to China – a general context

  • Daniel CASPARY, EPP Group Coordinator of the International Trade Committee of the EP
  • Karl BRAUNER, WTO Deputy Director-General
  • Leopoldo RUBINACCI, Representative of DG Trade, European Commission
  • Gwenole COZIGOU, Representative of DG Grow, European Commission
  • Laurent RUESSMANN, FieldFisher LLP/London

15:40 Q&A with MEPs

16:00 Granting MES to China - position of stakeholders

  • Krišjānis KARIŅŠ, EPP Group Coordinator in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee of the EP
  • Rudolf STAUDIGL, Solar Industry, Wacker Group
  • Stormy MILDNER, German Industry Association (BDI)
  • Hans Jürgen KERKHOFF, German Steel Federation
  • Peter Bay KIRKEGAARD, Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Carlo PIRRONE, Confindustria
  • Cristian CAMISA, Confapi

17:00 Q&A with MEPs

17:40 Closing Remarks

  • Iuliu WINKLER, Vice-Chairman of the International Trade Committee of the EP