Industry, Trade Associations, and EU Institutions representatives write to EU Commissioners to ask for protection from Chinese dumping

Brussels, Thursday 27 October 2016 - Industry, Trade Associations, and EU Institutions representatives co-signed a letter on MES China, which has been sent today to EU Commissioners.

Following the 20 July College debate on MES and the Commission communication “Towards a robust trade policy for the EU in the interest of jobs and growth”, adopted on 19 October, AEGIS, ETUC, industryAll, 35 MEPs, as well as representatives from CoR and EESC wrote to the EU Commission to ask to put the following elements in its forthcoming legislative proposal on a new anti-dumping methodology to be applied to China:

- A clear link between the trigger of the new “non-standard” anti-dumping methodology and the EU’s market economy criteria: the use of Chinese prices and costs as a basis for calculating dumping should depend on China’s and Chinese producers’ complete fulfilment of the EU’s five criteria as established by EU law and practice

- Non-reversal of the burden of proof: it should remain up to China and Chinese exporters to prove that they operate under normal market economy conditions

- Non-discrimination between economic sectors: the new methodology should be actionable equally by all industrial sectors and EU producers affected by injurious dumping.

You can find the letter here.