INTA Committee hearing: Market Economy Status for China after 2016?

28 January 2016 / The EU anti-dumping law treats China as “non-market economy” which makes it possible to impose higher anti-dumping duties on Chinese exports and protect the EU manufacturers. China considers that its WTO accession protocol stipulates an automatic transition to a market economy after 11 December 2016. This interpretation is being politically and legally debated.

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China currently meets only one of the EU’s five technical criteria for defining a “market economy”. However, non-action by the EU after the December 2016 could result in retaliatory measures against the EU businesses operating in China.

What are the EU options? What would be the consequences of each choice for the EU economy? To be debated in a hearing “Market Economy Status for China after 2016?”, among EP Trade MEPs and leading academic experts on this issue:

  • Bernard O'CONNOR, Visiting Professor at the State University in Milan and member of the teaching faculty of the World Trade Institute and IELPO,

  • Jean-François BELLIS, Professor at the Institute of European Studies of the University of Brussels,

  • Robert SCOTT, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Research at the EPI Institute and author of the Study "Unilateral grant of market economy status to China would put millions of EU jobs at risk",

  • Maurizio ZANARDI, Associate Professor in Economics at the Lancaster University Management School.