Joint declaration of Central and Eastern European employers' federations on MES China

Friday, 14 October 2016 - Representatives of industry and employers´ federations from Central and Eastern European (CEE) states - Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia - issued a joint declaration on MES China.

They asked their governments to insist that the level of protection of our future legal framework to act against dumping be maintained and strengthened (with regards to the China MES question and the general trade defence instruments modernization) by:

1) Including a reference to the five criteria for market economies in the list of criteria for
"market distortions" to be drawn up by the Commission.

2) Maintaining the burden of proof on China, instead of transferring this to the EU
Commission and EU industry.

3) Continuing a method of calculation for dumping margins which is based on real
market economy costs and prices and not on the prices distorted by the Chinese state.

4) Accelerating and improving the efficiency of anti-dumping procedures.

5) Introducing partial lifting of the lesser duty rule in case of raw materials and energy
distortions or subsidization by exporting countries along clear criteria.

You can find the joint declaration here.