MEP David Martin: We are paying a heavy price for our cosy relationship with China

5 April 2016 / In the context of the UK steel crisis, MEP David Martin recommends that the EU "be more cautious" when dealing with China. He continues, "Of course China is an important world player and greater economic cooperation can bring benefits to both sides. However, we must make sure our relations are based on a level playing field. [... This] means refusing to grant China what is called "Market Economy Status" (MES) at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) under the present circumstances. Doing so would further threaten the impact that our trade defence measures can have in protecting our industry and jobs from unfair competition. Some estimates predict that up to 3.5 million European jobs are at risk if this little-known measure goes through. Judged by the commission's own rules, China clearly does not qualify as a "market economy". For these reasons as socialist and democrat MEPs we urge the commission not to automatically recognise China as a market economy before a comprehensive impact assessment is carried out into its possible effects." Read the full article here.