Open letters to European G7 leaders on Chinese dumping and MES

24 May 2016 / In the run-up to the G7 on 26 May,  the AEGIS Europe alliance has released open letters addressed to European G7 leaders urging them to take joint action against Chinese dumping and Market Economy Status (MES).

Referring to the letter Ines Van Lierde, President of AEGIS Europe said, "As AEGIS Europe we reiterate that China cannot and should not be granted the coveted Market Economy Status (MES) until such time as the country becomes a market economy. At present, the People's Republic only meets 1 of the EU's 5 established MES criteria. China's WTO accession protocol - specifically, Article 15 - does not grant automaticity to the use of a standard methodology in anti-dumping calculations after December 2016. Rather, the onus will continue to be on Chinese producers to prove that they operate under market economy conditions."

"As industries facing mountainous levels of dumping of excess production from China, it is clear that the market economy does not yet prevail. We therefore call on European G7 leaders to take coordinated action to give full meaning to Section 15 of China’s WTO Accession Protocol after December 2016, as requested also by the European Parliament.”

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