PRESS RELEASE: AEGIS Europe backs e-bike manufacturers in EU Anti-dumping case & welcomes Commission investigation

Brussels, 7 November 2017 AEGIS Europe today backed the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) in its complaint against dumped Chinese e-bikes, which are harming European producers and threatening the future of the industry. 

“AEGIS Europe fully supports the European e-bike sector's efforts to stop dumping onto the EU market by Chinese exporters”, said Ines Van Lierde, Chair of AEGIS Europe, adding: “EU manufacturers in all sectors must stand up and fight Chinese dumping wherever and whenever it happens”.

“The EU remains an attractive destination for all manner of dumped products from aluminium, to ceramics and steel, as a result of massive Chinese government subsidies and overcapacities,” Ms Van Lierde pointed out.

AEGIS Europe is concerned at the number of strategic EU future technologies that have become the target of unfair trade practices in recent years. The e-bike case is symbolic of what European industry has come to expect in other sectors.


AEGIS Europe stands with EBMA in welcoming the European Commission’s investigation into Chinese e-bike dumping. “Electric bicycles are a great example of European innovation, heralding a new era in e-mobility. We trust that the European Commission will do its utmost to ensure that the sector is defended against abuses by Chinese e-bike exporters hell-bent on destroying this future-oriented EU industry,” Ms Van Lierde said.



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