Press release: European Industrial Manifesto for Free & Fair Trade launched ahead of March in Brussels

Brussels, 8 February 2016 – European industry employees, trade unions and employers today launched a European Industrial Manifesto for Free and Fair Trade, ahead of a March in Brussels to urge policy makers to stop China dumping and reject Market Economy Status (MES) for China. The March will take place on  Monday 15 February in Brussels.

Milan Nitzschke, spokesperson for AEGIS Europe, said, “European employees, trade unions and employers are united in their message to Brussels: China is not a market economy. The EU must not grant China MES. Chinese dumping destroys EU jobs and undermines free and fair trade. Europe cannot afford to put up to 3.5 million jobs and €228 billion in lost annual GDP at risk. This is why we are launching the European Industrial Manifesto for Free and Fair Trade today and marching together on 15th February.”

AEGIS Europe is an alliance of 30 European industrial sectors including steel, aluminium, ceramics, glass, solar panel and bicycle manufacturing, which combined generate over €500 billion in annual turnover and millions of jobs.

The European Industrial Manifesto for Free and Fair Trade declares: “Together, we the employees, trade unions and employers of European industry oppose MES for China until it becomes a fully-fledged market economy. We call on the European Parliament, Member States and Commission: Say YES to jobs & fair trade! Say NO to MES for China!”

Commenting on the Manifesto, Nitzschke pointed out: “The European Commission is downplaying the massive damage MES would cause to European jobs and growth. It is hiding behind technicalities to please China. In keeping with the Juncker Commission’s own Better Regulation principles, the European Commission must conduct a full impact assessment of China MES, including a broad and public consultation. Our Manifesto highlights the reasons why China’s MES should be rejected in 2016.”

China dumps more products into Europe’s open market than any other country in the world. 75% of all the EU's anti-dumping measures involve China.

Nitzschke concluded, “China is not a market economy, it is a state run economy which does not respect the WTO’s most basic principles. Granting MES before it is ready would be like issuing China a licence to dump, sending the wrong signal about the need to reform. According to the EU’s own assessment, China has met only one of the five criteria to be considered a market economy.  We therefore call on the EU to reject MES for China until it becomes a true market economy.”

The march on Brussels commences at 11:30am on 15th February at the Schuman roundabout, in front of the European Commission and European Council building.

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