PRESS RELEASE: AEGIS Europe calls for the EU to strengthen Trade Defence

Brussels Monday 15 May – The alliance of 30 European manufacturing associations, AEGIS Europe, has expressed its regret at news of the insolvency of the EU’s largest solar manufacturer, SolarWorld.

“Chinese overcapacities and China’s massive penetration into the EU market have resulted in many hundreds of European companies filing for bankruptcy and insolvency in recent years.  Unfortunately, China’s dumping activity has been insufficiently sanctioned in Europe,” stated Ines van Lierde, Chair of AEGIS Europe.

“Under-priced Chinese products, sold at below the cost of production, are regularly dumped en masse into the European market across multiple sectors. The EU’s trade defence measures are not strong enough to correct unfair competition. SolarWorld’s insolvency is an alarm bell for other European manufacturing sectors, which are fighting for their very existence,” pointed out Ms van Lierde. 

“We should see this latest insolvency case as the canary in the mine that exposes the extent to which our trade defence instruments are not yet able to provide an adequate response to unfair and unprecedented competition from a state-backed regime like the one prevailing in China,” she added.

“The EU must now choose to address these gaps by strengthening our trade defences. The European institutions still have time to act and defend European manufacturers against further state-driven dumping strategies,” said Ms van Lierde.

“This is time critical as the European Parliament is currently reviewing the Commission’s proposal relating to the new anti-dumping methodology. How many more European companies have to fall prey to massive Chinese dumping and over-capacity?” Ms van Lierde questioned.

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About AEGIS Europe

AEGIS Europe brings together nearly 30 European associations representing a broad variety of industries including traditional industries, consumer branches, SMEs and renewable energy sectors, accounting for more than €500 billion in annual turnover and millions of jobs across the EU. This industry alliance, made up of leaders in sustainable manufacturing and social and environmental responsibility, is committed to European manufacturing as the fundamental driver of innovation, growth and jobs in Europe.