PRESS RELEASE: AEGIS Europe calls on the EU to effectively tackle Anti-Dumping

Brussels May 11, 2017 Following the EU Trade Ministers agreement a common position regarding the new anti-dumping methodology on 11 May - AEGIS Europe called on policy makers ensure that effective Anti-Dumping measures are implemented.

“It is absolutely essential to highlight that there are still outstanding issues that need to be tackled in an effective way in order to achieve a meaningful result for EU industry and EU jobs,” said Ines van Lierde, Chair of AEGIS Europe.

“This amended proposal is an improvement on the previous version. However, there is still a lot of work for the European Parliament to do to ensure that the new methodology builds on a really solid legal basis so as to be considered as a true “non-standard” Anti-Dumping methodology,” Ms van Lierde said.

Chinese dumping has destroyed thousands of jobs in the EU manufacturing sector. “The EU needs an Anti-Dumping instrument that can provide a strong defence against unfair trade.  AEGIS Europe calls on the EU to work closely with its most important trading partners to adopt an aligned defence at the WTO panel in Geneva,” stressed Ms van Lierde.

“It is critical that the EU introduces an Anti-Dumping methodology that is not based on Chinese prices, as requested by China, and does not place an additional burden of proof on EU Industry. To invest and create jobs in the EU industry needs legal certainty about the EU’s ability to maintain effective anti-dumping measures,” Ms van Lierde concluded.

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